Kendra Siler-Marsiglio, PhD

Siler-MarsiglioKendra Siler‐Marsiglio, PhD is the Director of the Rural Health Partnership and President of CommunityHealth IT. She organizes experts from over 50 regional, state, and national organizations to systematically: expand Internet connectivity—which assures healthcare professionals have reliable and cost-effective broadband for their health information technologies; facilitate electronic health record implementation and use; and coordinate patient-approved sharing of electronic patient health information through CommunityHealth IT’s MyHealthStory Health Information Exchange.

As part of the national VA “Veteran Initiated Electronic Care Coordination” (VIECC) project, Dr. Siler-Marsiglio works closely with the North Florida/South Georgia VA Health as the civilian lead to bridge the gap between the civilian and veteran healthcare delivery systems. Over 24,000 veterans in North Florida and South Georgia use the VA’s Personal Health Record to access their health data from the VA. Through MyHealthStory, health information from the VA can now be shared electronically with civilian healthcare professionals who provide care for veterans. MyHealthStory is also the same secure technological platform used globally by the Department of Defense’s servicemen and servicewomen to access their health information electronically.

Dr. Siler-Marsiglio also administers a $900,000 grant for Rural Health Partnership to help Florida’s rural providers and hospitals better coordinate patient care, improve patient safety, and empower patients.

Dr. Siler-Marsiglio received the 2013 Critical Access and Rural Hospital Champion Award from the head of the Office of the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology for the depth and breadth of her work in helping the nation’s rural health systems adopt health information technologies.