Heart Phoenix

300-300womanHeart Phoenix is a national activist whose service and devotion has extended over five decades. She is the mother of actors River, Rain, Joaquin, Liberty, and Summer Phoenix. Heart’s dedication is nothing less than extraordinary, having contributed to “environmental and animal rights issues, social justice, peace-building and gender equality, she brings the passion and energy of her name…Heart”.

Heart is on the Board of Directors of The Peace Alliance, an organization that supports the creation of a United States Department of Peace. She and her family recently started the non-profit organization River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding, where she served as the Board President and continues to serve as Vice President. “This organization provides and promotes the best practices and principles of peace-building and global sustainability and is guided by the life, inspiration and activism of her late son, River.”

Heart has tirelessly worked in forming partnerships with the Department of Juvenile Justice, Florida’s State Attorney’s Office, and the University of Florida, and she has been successful in nurturing allies in peace building throughout her influential career.